Wednesday, August 30, 2006

what do you call us ??

where to start when to end how to finish what we have begend
what to type when to be polite how to spell what we have said
if there their then they're all right and writting well in the wind

we i you us them they those and that which is should be said ahead
but if it selves divided in sided between the mean and the good would
wood of course be free of life itself and yet neither live nor dead not born

but where does there goings ons go on and their is there where ever else it is
until the full force of love is exploded into the eyes of mine and yours mindless
wonder the full force of ideas that mean nothing between the few too with word I've

I've not sold out like a money machine could I've not held out for less then
perfect flawed by life and limbs of longness in the song mistical powers emerge
from freedom that can more so be better off then on the left or right of light
dark yet gray.