Sunday, January 29, 2006

zzzz sss pp r ONE

green is read and red is seen with out the light of nite as fall off the moon too soon burns my eyes in the sky where troopers patrol the scrolls of lifeless embryonic fluids we coercion into voids less filled with drums and base fish evolve into view of nonsensical disgust covered in dusty crusts when nothing is real yet they go on to there empty lives inside there mindless nine thoughts repeated over and over in time to see the next wave where there are days that go by into the ever moving rivers eye like a spoon of sugar in the coffee cup slowly stirred and spilt into your mouth dripping inside of you till the moisture is no more but a ocean of dirt drying still the fish find this amusing our loosing our mind to that tenth thought of drinking a bird baths shallow drift into the edgeless edge of nite's day begins here and there and overhears it again


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