Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tears that say goodbye to another past


Tears that say goodbye to another past
Think of her in a past dream forever
She is gone and yet I remember and go on
It is so hard to say good bye forever

A familiar place ago so small a chill
Just a wish for me to wee you again
Think on a stone from the moon I see you
There it is and I remember it well

Rocks to break again to hard to place
She is in love with him and you know
He loves none but the memories
When it thought of you you knew me

I have ideas that change as fast as
I write what I see on the page two
Can't tell you who is writing now then
She stairs at the spoof of that love scene

He'va round cool pull am I the other one
Too go to many spilt well together
Row to the rail of a real town hee!
The wind blew me free from your whispers

Awhile ago a river ran there now as open
Here it is there it was for go the sunrise
Close you wet eyes for the morning
Comes together in your minds eye


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