Wednesday, January 11, 2006

poem 1 from hard cover hand writen poems book

6:00 am

As i took my last breath
I thought how greatful i was to breath again
At last i breathed it out and was done
It was all gone and it longed for another

To late to see the other side yet
To soon to come back through
Too much to know i don't want to know another
Too far to be gone alone in space

About the same few words i choose
That dream of emptyness without you
In a moment it all comes back together
you know when it goes beyond your mind

Not mine to loose i let it go too far
Standing, Knowing, Seeing, Being -> Real
Each choice is gone by to either side of Reality
My eye closes to lose the colour blindly

Waiting to make it open again, Time passes
The colours still remain behind, Time passes
Texture, Shape, Style, Size -> Change
It is new again and just more Real

I took my last look at that Ultimate God
my soul exposed to the one out of her
I closed my eye and it was over and done
Never to be again that last look


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