Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dreaming of this special cloud colour

2:25 am

Dreaming of this special cloud colour
flying to that space i begin to fall
fighting what i fear and lost again
I cry my self asleep in a dream of fear

when she is there, She is not there but here
The colours flow like a river over my head
White exposure is like the water's fall
don't touch them too closely for they know

Splash that puddle you call your mind
and make me real again to do it all over
Specks of peace fall fast to the ground and die
their texture makes a rainbow look dull

To explain what remains is a trick of riddles
i tell the same story but in different words
Quite souls make their way to and fro
A shadow is neither right or wrong! just gone

Again i make another mistake remembering it
if i could forget, i would, I can't, so i won't
I left this here just to remember i forgot
It is just as easy to love but why so

Dissappointed in that colour you think in
when will you change the smell of time
That preset of emotions remains one
No life ever placed here could know him


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