Saturday, May 27, 2006

Time like the putty that xoet shaped with its hands

Time like the putty that xoet shaped with its hands or
the ideas that created its likeness and then disappeared
the form and functions of the likes of which have never been

yet there it was in front of xoet the window to anytime it would choose
what to look at what not to look at but when when what was going on
and when it took place perplexing as a seed in the ground and then a tree

the seed has to be planted yet the window was solid as a diamond masking
the definite shapes it formed and solidifying them into matter and energy
what had once been just a window to lookout now was a look into xoet's eyes

Greetings xoet this is you from the future, you made me what I am today
you gave me the ideas I have made real today, because of you I have survived
because of you I hate you for keeping me alive to tell you I hate you keeping me...

xoet was confused by the future xoet saying these things to It
why was It getting blamed for things it had not done yet but will do
only to tell it self in the past that It was going to make the same mistakes over.

xoet spoke to Its future self to ask questions of It this seemed to be the solution
when are you there now? And why is it my fault? how can I do it differently
as xoet talked to its own distorted image thru the window of time the distortions grew

The distortions grew like the mutant tree xoet planted long ago as
the image of itself grew to infinite dimensions, time flux, questions
kept coming from the image from the past and now xoet answered

I am not now nor was I then here and now nor then and there but.....
I am with you here now your time is less you future is more you grow
I am at fault for the fault for told was the fault I am now and will be so

I leave you with the following questions to ponder because I ask them too
when you know answers we two will be one again why is that unanswered
when the question divines Itselves into two are you still one of the answers

Soon you will no the answer is yes yet unknown to the first mistake made
left on a planet for dead why did you go to the lifeless rock you thought peace
you no know peace and yes there is only the end of where you were going to be

Now is one and time has past into the future of us created by we
We are one and the past has changed again for the sake of us 2
for even in between the realities of nothing and everything there I
I am into you a blur of a dream you had looking out the windows

windows to infinity where nothing becomes a real existence going
moving beyond that and before this there is ever present nothings
yes more than one and the answer is answered to be known nows
where the tree has died to become the seeds of life into and of its

Itselves divided inside the perfect posture where love and life are
You travel into voids as everything you become, nowhere forever
there is a way to slip before you see yourself inside the window of
time is not the answer but freedom rules the tides of lives and love


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