Monday, March 20, 2006

Views and reviews

Views and reviews of the experience call death explaining the waters in flow stopping into the end of knowledge and life is compared to a song that explains who we are and how we go from day to do the things called life as the next layer of the onion that falls aside like a untouched surface of our skin that still explodes with the burning sounds of your eyes on it.  Putting together things that are matter-less and easily lost to the pressures of a life that never end yet once it does the secrete is know as they are asking for the answer to the details of truth and lies that the thoughts we have in the calculus of love and death.  Presence and eye of mine is not yet surface interfaced without breaking the skin of the onion who’s presence that existed you does not know love for things do not make it know yet to anyone that has ever been real.  What is love or what does love mean or better yet who is in love that never knew love to be real.  Preposterous dialogs between myself and my gray and white matter that.


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