Monday, February 20, 2006

That would not fly

That would not fly if you dropped it out a fifth floor window.
What if you test it with your washing machine?
I’ve upgraded the washing machines OS to a new level of understanding.
We can see other things that are not real yet we need to make them real.

Toying worthless pages – books have no meaning to Gaia the great.
The skin of an orange blesses our little hut with our mindless nut.
Trust in ever-wavering crescent tides of life and lifelessness turmoil.
Vast in understanding under the sands of timeless effortless expressions are.

Perched on a preaching stool inside the batters box of cookies.
Pronouned by endless corrections of it, is I not me or he.
Tongue in eye like candy in a bottle of juice is.
Is it not well enough to see the bouncing pogo sticks stick in the mud?

No not what I was thinking but what I thought again and again over the days of lifeless existence where things don’t matter but matter is a thing we must create with the energy we have left and right I am in saying so.


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